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Lucia Fabianova (Czechoslovakia) - April 2013

Dear Dr. Kamra,

As per our extensive cooperation back in March and April, I would like to pay my gratitude to the service provided.

I came to Dr. Kamra with what I thought was only a small problem of a chipped tooth. Doctor listened carefully to my concerns, yet didn’t leave anything to chance and done a full investigation to ensure the situation was assessed fully. After prompt check-up, it became clear that there was much more that needed attention than apparent chipped tooth and doctor Kamra explained the situation clearly to me. To be more specific, the result was - a need for couple of root canal treatments following by crowning the teeth. Also I had some cavities that previously went unnoticed by my dentist back in the country of my residence. All in all, there was a lot of issues that needed attention.

Doctor structured the plan of treatment efficiently and straight from the next day my extensive treatment began. I was very pleased with an attentive service and care provided.
Even though it was on short notice Dr. Kamra always made sure he gave sufficient time and attention to the treatment provided. His two dental nurses were also very kind, smiley and attentive which made the pain of dentist visits much less stressful experience. I somewhat looked forward to my next caring sessions, I was made feeling as if I had always been Dr. Kamra's patient.

All in all very friendly, attentive and professional service.
I am pleased with the results.

Thank you very much!

With Kind Regards,
Lucia Fabianova

Fayeq Wahedi (Afghanistan) - 2014

Dr. Rahul
I am writing this to thank you for all the very good and sincere efforts you put in place in a short time to get my dental complaints relieved. I was extremely impressed by the high quality of work, care, professionalism and positive attitude you and your team displayed in taking care of my teeth. Before I saw you, I considered visiting a dentist just the regular unpleasant DENTAL visit, but it ended into a friendly bond. Despite the short pace of time of less than a week, Dr. Rahul professionally and flawlessly conducted a month-time treatment in just a few visits!
As like everybody else, I was very nervous to visit a dentist, but from my first visit up to the last, I was made to feel very relaxed. Dr. Rahul, not only did great job over my teeth but relieved me of the worries I had! The state of the art equipment made the work even easier with professional results.
I just want to say a huge thank you Dr. Rahul and his team! Looking forward to visiting you again!

Fayeq Wahedi